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IP & CCTV Camera
EDC & CCTV Services 24 H.

Company Profile

Company Profile
Company ProfileTriple A Services Co., Ltd.was established on 3 August 2006 with initial registered of one million baht. The company located at 57/2 Mongkol Ramintra Rd. Anusawaree Bangkhen Bangkok 10220 Tel.0-2900-5997-8 and Fax.0-2970-7943 
Business kind and the expert
Triple A Services Co., Ltd. is able to seize on the opportunity to receive knowledge transfer of modern technology relating to network system and EDC machines.  With our company’s qualified and competent staff members and service expertise, we are able to conduct a one-stop, full service business ranging comprehensively from preventive maintenance, on-site service, installation, including consultancy service and call center, work shop and stock management for give with all company at distributor draws credit card such as GHL ( Thailand )Co., Ltd.
Work expriences
Since 2006 - present. We have serve with GHL ( Thailand )Co., Ltd. by Triple A Services Co., Ltd. get service repair, set up , maintain draw credit card and the system both of in Bangkok border , perimeter  and provincial  give with GHL ( Thailand )Co., Ltd.
Triple A Services Co., Ltd. is set to be the leader in quality service, honesty and responsiveness to achieving maximum customer satisfaction in a timely manner.
Triple A Services Co., Ltd. is a learning organization. We recognize the significance of development with the aim to continuously improve our services for maximum customer satisfaction. Our staffs have regularly attended training workshops to better their skills, especially the technical aspects and service procedures both in external and internal organization, thus enabling us to adapt our work method flexibly, promptly and responsively to satisfying our customer needs.
Triple A Services Co., Ltd. Is customer can give the confidence in the sense of the work can serve extremely because of Triple A Services Co., Ltd. has engaged in a long time business with great experiences in this field, and is also devoted to developing our team in both human resources and other knowledge base – employing technology in developing the quality of work provided to our customers.



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